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Luxe Insurance Brokers is an independent insurance agency in Scottsdale, AZ. We specialize in diverse types of insurance under both personal insurance and employee benefits insurance. We assist our clients and help them understand and manage their risks.

You may think of a broker as a middleman who will sell you insurance from carriers that he has chosen. However, we are more than that: We are an independent agency that represents multiple insurance companies and not just one. We evaluate claims upon their merits and ensure that the client is getting the best coverage available within their budget.

– Alexa Stanton

Alexa, the founder of Luxe Insurance Brokers, has more than 10 years in the Insurance industry working for the carriers she now represents as an insurance broker. Throughout the years, she noticed the way consumers want to do business has changed. Alexa will be partnering with some of the most innovative companies within the industry that provides the tools and technology to modernize the insurance experience. Over the years, she has observed the data and analytics that have impacted the market trends within the industry on a deeper level. Her goal as an insurance agent is to provide value to her clients to ensure they are insured for the right coverages to meet her client’s needs. Her goal is to educate her clients, so they have a better understanding of what they are paying for.

Alexa is an Arizona State University graduate. She is an active volunteer for Arizona Helping Hands and has a true passion for helping others. In her free time, you can catch her working on a house project, reading personal development books, or just playing with her dogs Charleston and Francine!

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– Tyler Stanton

Tyler, the co-founder of Luxe Insurance Brokers, is a U.S. Army Veteran. After having served 5 years, he transitioned to the information technology industry. He completed his degree at Embry Riddle in Technical Management. Tyler’s technical background allows for Luxe Insurance Brokers to function as a modern virtual agency. With how particular and protective he is over his house and toys; he was meant for the insurance industry! In his free time, you can catch Tyler detailing his car. He is very mechanical, and an avid motorcyclist. He is also the best Dog Dad to Charleston and Francine!

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