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Commercial Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides an additional layer of coverage for liabilities and damages which exceed the limit or level provided by a company’s traditional business and commercial insurance policies. This type of policy will also cover off any gaps in coverage created when other types of policies such as Employer’s Liability, Public Liability, or Product Liability are exhausted. Luxe Insurance Brokers provides quotes on Commercial Umbrella insurance for small and medium-sized businesses.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverage Basics

The basic premise of Commercial Umbrella insurance is that it covers an organization from lawsuits or claims which exceed the liability limits set by a business’ primary commercial and general liability policies. It includes damages to other parties, third-party property damage, legal fees, etc. As mentioned previously, there are many scenarios in which a company’s Commercial General Liability insurance policy alone would not be adequate to fully cover the risk it poses to others. Luxe Insurance Brokers will work with business owners to ensure we have the proper coverage in place to keep them protected legally.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance for Rental Properties

Another common type of Commercial Umbrella insurance coverage is for rental properties. This policy can be purchased by an individual or a business, but it’s most commonly used by people who own multiple properties (such as landlords) and want to ensure their assets are fully protected in the case of an accident, claim, or lawsuit.

A typical Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy is effective for a standard one-year term and will automatically renew upon expiration, or it can be canceled upon request from the insured.

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